Mike D'Antoni Finally Making Some Sense About Los Angeles Lakers' Offense

By Andrew Fisher
Mike D'Antoni
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Everyone thought Mike D’Antoni was crazy to try an implement his up-tempo offense with the Los Angeles Lakers last season. D’Antoni of course made his style famous while coaching in Phoenix, but everyone except the head coach could see he wasn’t dealing with the same group in L.A. Now, D’Antoni has given a simple explanation for his thoughts on the L.A. offense last season – ‘I was on drugs.’

It doesn’t get much shorter and to the point than that, but D’Antoni was kidding to an extent. He was in fact on pain killers following his knee operation when he took over the Lakers late in 2012. But even when he got off the pills, he still tried to make the old Lakers an up-tempo team, something they just weren’t cut out to handle.

So going into the 2013-14 season, it seems like the head coach has finally come to grips with the situation in front of him.

“It won’t be crazy (the offense). But we want to push it and get a nice pace. We want to get some easy buckets before the defense sets up, so we’ll be up in the top five probably in pace, but it won’t be breakneck speed.”

If you’re a Lakers’ fan, you’re saying it’s about time. ‘Seven seconds or less’ finally seems to be a thing of the past and that’s where it should stay. Two of the best players on this team are well on their way to 40 and speed is just not a reasonable part of the equation. There’s nothing wrong with running a variation of D’Antoni’s offense as he plans to do, but it has to be dialed down to fit the personnel for this team to have any shot at making the playoffs.

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The Lakers are finally ditching their old uptempo offensive in favor of one that is more suitable for their personal allowing for the Lakers to become a better offense. See the strides Los Angeles makes this year by getting Lakers tickets today.

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