The Miami Heat Should Sit Their Stars For Final Preseason Game Against Brooklyn Nets

By Shane Phillips
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets did not wait until the regular season to show their hatred for the Miami Heat. The first preseason meeting between the two teams had its fair share of hard fouls, rough play and trash talk, and all of the animosity and bad blood can be credited to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

The two former Boston Celtics players have had a grudge against the Heat, and they brought the baggage with them when they jumped ship to Brooklyn.

Garnett ran his mouth off the court, as he responded to LeBron James and his comments defending Ray Allen, but Pierce decided to act like a gym class hero.

Lowering shoulders and hitting James with hard fouls, Pierce acted like that kid everyone hated in school. You know, that one kid who acted like gym class was everything and the only thing.

Pierce even commented on his rough play, saying “It’s a message to the league.”

Seriously? You are going to send a message in a preseason game?

So, after watching Pierce and the Nets take preseason play to a utterly stupid level, Erik Spoelstra should consider sitting Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and James for the final preseason game.

Clearly there is some head hunting going on in Brooklyn and Pierce has some sort of vendetta against the “Big 3” and Miami. If I was Spoelstra, I wouldn’t want to seem like a wimp, but I also wouldn’t need one of my star players to get injured because someone with an enlarged ego wanted to prove something in an exhibition game.

Wade, James, Bosh and the Heat all have a lot riding on this season, and the amount of stupidity that Pierce, Garnett and the Nets are playing with is dangerous.

It may actually be a beneficial move to sit the stars and give the bench players some more time on the court. The “Big 3” will be ready to go come Tuesday night when they face the Chicago Bulls, even if they sit the final preseason game.

After seeing how Brooklyn played the first time around, Miami and the “Big 3” should sit back, relax and laugh at Pierce’s inability to grow facial hair. They will have the chance to prove themselves when the regular season comes.

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