Washington Wizards' John Wall Writing Playoffs on Shoe During Preseason Games

By Dave Daniels
Debby Wong-USA-TODAY Sports

Point guard John Wall is going to will this thing to happen with the power of his mind and body. A freak injury derailed what should have been a playoff team last year, but he is entering this year not only healthy but full of motivation. This is a young man with a chip on his shoulder, which is one of the things I love best about him as a player.

He has started writing playoffs on his shoes during preseason games and it will be interesting to see if that continues throughout the year. Wall is going to pair nicely with Bradley Beal this season, and when the Wizards come to Chicago I am going to try and be in attendance. I might be in North Carolina at the time, but if not then I will for sure be at that game.

Wall and the Wizards recently played at Rupp Arena, which must have been a fun environment for the players on the team who did not play at a blue chip basketball program. They even attended Midnight Madness, which I heard was a pretty raucous time indeed.

Hoping for an All Star season from Wall, and then hopefully some playoff basketball after that. If his shoes are indiction, then DC will be in for a basketball treat.

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