Houston Rockets Chandler Parsons Gets Birthday Shoutout from USA Basketball

By Dave Daniels
Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Small forward Chandler Parsons has to love the change in his luck does he not? Before being stuck on a middling Houston Rockets team probably felt like an exercise in mediocrity, Parsons now plays on a team featuring James Harden and Dwight Howard. Those are two of the top ten players in the league folks, and no I did not forget about Dwyane Wade. I just left him out.

Parsons is going to have plenty of corner threes and top of the key threes, which is going to make him look quite good. Thanks to USA Basketball too for throwing a shout out to Parsons for his birthday, which happens to be today. Congratulations to the young talent, and it will be fun to watch his development after a productive summer.

Parsons participated in USA mini camp this year, although it would be a surprise if he made the team down the line. That is no knock on Parsons, but there are just too many quality players in the league who want a spot on that team.

The Rockets are going to be fun to watch next year, that is the thing that I know for sure and Parsons will surely be a part of that fun. Look for them to lead the league in scoring while Howard just shuts down the paint.

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