Magic Johnson Correctly Defends Los Angeles Clippers' Right To Cover Up Banners

By Andrew Fisher
Magic Johnson
USA Today Sports

When Magic Johnson gives his thoughts on the Los Angeles Lakers, people listen. He’s arguably the most well-respected player in the franchise’s history and he makes no bones about the love he still has for his long-time team. The big debate in Laker Land this week has been in regards to a decision made by the Los Angeles Clippers. New head coach Doc Rivers led an effort to get the Clippers their own banners to cover up the Lakers’ championship banners and retired jerseys.

Why it took this long for the Clippers to make this decision is far beyond me, but at least they’re finally making it happen. But of course, many hardcore Laker fans hate his new concept. So with in mind, Magic took to Twitter to talk some sense into the hard-headed fans.

‘Laker Nation: Doc Rivers has a right to cover up the @Lakers 16 NBA Championship Banners.’ ‘Doc Rivers is just trying to create a winning culture with the Clipper organization.’ ‘Laker Nation: We all still know that those 16 banners are up there and it shouldn’t bother us.’

As always, the Magic man is right on the money with his comments. Rivers and the entire Clipper organization have a right to cover up the banners and put up their own. They need their own identity and covering up Laker-related material is an essential part of that. The Staples Center is mostly thought of as the home of the Lakers, partially because of all the championship banners and jerseys that hang from the rafters.

It was always odd to see them in the background of Clippers home games. Now that’s all changing. It’s good for the Clippers and good for the game of basketball.


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