Phoenix Suns Assure Themselves Of Being Worst Team In NBA Next Season

By Ryan Wenzell
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns made a big move today, trading away arguably their best player in Marcin Gortat for an expiring contract in Emeka Okafor and a potential future 1st round pick in 2014 that is lottery protected through the top 12.

It is clear what the Suns are trying to do, and it seems like quite a few teams are on board with this strategy: rebuild and tank the season in anticipation of a loaded 2014 NBA Draft. The Suns may be the favorites in the Andrew Wiggins derby at this point.

With the trading away of Gortat, arguably their only proven player on the roster, this puts the Suns in scary, bad territory. Eric Bledsoe will be running the point, and while he is a nice sixth man off the bench, I am not sure you want him running your team. The only other remotely proven back court player is Goran Dragic, and you never quite know what you are getting with him, as he is a very streaky player. At small forward journeyman, Gerald Green is slated to start; he is a fringe starter on even the most mediocre of squads.

The front court is even more scarce. Alex Len is their NO. 1 draft pick, but he is a rookie and has zero NBA experience. He will now, in all likelihood, be relied on to be the starting center. The front court rounds out with the Morris twins, two players with potential no doubt, but who have failed to make their niche in the league so far.

To be blunt, the roster looks brutal for the Suns; they will duke it out with the Philadelphia 76ers for worst team in the league. However, the Suns play in the tougher conference. They also just traded away their best player. The Sixers at least have three relatively proven veteran players in Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young.

I believe the Suns will be the worst team in the league in a landslide.

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