Indiana Pacers Momentum Swing Scary for Opponents Early On

By Dylan Hughes
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers slow preseason start had fans and supporters worried, but a three-game win streak seems to have turned the tables in the Pacers’ favor. With the regular season just around the corner, the Pacers will have a lot of momentum on their side, which could be scary for their opponents early on.

Indiana is currently on a three-game winning streak, with all of those three wins by double-digits. Their offense and defense are clicking on all levels right now, even with the absence of forward Danny Granger, who was expected to come back this season after missing all but five games last year with a knee injury. However, he was shut down for the last few preseason games, including at least the first regular season game with a calf strain. Granger was expected to really help Indiana as a starter this season, but the Pacers seem to be playing just fine without him at the moment. In fact, the Pacers have won every game since Granger suffered his injury.

There were two things Larry Bird wanted to improve on in the offseason, and those things were bench scoring and bench experience. Bird got both those things in their three main acquisitions of the summer in C.J. Watson, Luis Scola and Chris Copeland. The latter has struggled in the preseason, but is expected to pick it up when the regular season gets rolling. The Pacers have showed, especially in their three wins, that they not only have carried over there defensive presence from last season, but now have scoring off the bench that makes them a very tough team to beat.

The Pacers’ season kicks off Oct. 29, and it will surely be interesting to see if they can continue their rout of opponents early on in the season.

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