Mike Miller's Corpse Hopes to Help Memphis Grizzlies Next Season

By Dave Daniels
Mike Miller
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For fans in Tennessee, it it might be a tough ride this year. When you are counting on someone like Mike Miller to stay healthy the entire year, then you are gambling in a big time way.

The beauty of the forward’s role last season was that they did not need him literally until the playoffs. His regular season numbers were minimal at best, but he was there and healthy for LeBron in the end which made a difference.

He will definitely help their three point percentage as mentioned by the tweet below, but if they need his help in the regular season on a consistent basis then get used to disappointment.

If Tony Allen has not worked on his shot, then teams will continue to give him that open jumper and though he is truly an elite player on the defensive end (nicknamed: Krazy Glue by Jalen Rose), his shooting is truly horrendous.

If Miller is not there and healthy come playoff time, then you will hear the familiar clanging of the rim noise next year in Memphis. Grit and Grind is a nice theory, but in the words of the immortal (albeit firearm luggage carrying) Bill Russell who said “these young bloods have to understand, that this game has always been and will always be about buckets.”

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