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NBA Player Statistics to Know Before 2013-14 Season Tips Off

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NBA Stats To Know Before Tuesday

Soobum Im - USATODAY Sports

It never hurts to try being best sports fan you can possibly be. You already know how to be smartest NFL fan in the room on a weekly basis, and with the NBA season on the horizon, it is time for you to become a well-rounded fan. There is no bad time to drop knowledge on your friends, and doing so at the beginning of a season makes you more than the smartest fan in the room -- it makes you the smartest NBA fan period.

These stats were all accumulated last season. They are nice nuggets of information that can not only help impress your buddies, but also help you a bit in your fantasy basketball drafts. No player is safe in my statistical analysis: you’ll see star players that I believe are overrated, as well as under-the-radar players who quietly produced a solid stat here and there.

The NBA season tips off on Tuesday night and hits full swing on Wednesday, so take the weekend to memorize these trends. For the NBA season, I’ll be giving you one pick against the spread (multiple games when there is a nationally-televised doubleheader) as well as fantasy standouts in those games, allowing you to maintain your NBA knowledge for the entirety of the season. There are no shortage of great games in the season’s first week, as Tuesday and Thursday are loaded with upper echelon teams, and Wednesday has 28 teams in action. So buckle up and get ready for the hoops season!

If you’re looking for more NBA statistics and/or fantasy answers, tweet me @unSOPable23.

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5. The Elite Kyrie Irving

David Manning - USATODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving finished 1.7 percentage points away from entering the illustrious 50-40-90 club in victories (51.1-49.2-89.1). The Cleveland Cavaliers are going to be winning more games this season, so he should theoretically be in for an even better statistical season. Only Steve Nash, Larry Bird, Kevin Durant, Mark Price and Reggie Miller have been granted access to this club, and Irving is my bet to be the youngest ever to produce this stat line (he still has three seasons to do so).

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4. The Marksman Nicolas Batum

Craig Mitchelldyer - USATODAY Sports

A higher percentage of Nicolas Batum's field goal attempts (53.3 percent) and field goal makes (46.9 percent) came from 3-point land last season than record-setting shooter Stephen Curry's 43.2/43.4.

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3. The Selfish Carmelo Anthony

Derick E. Hingle - USATODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony had six-plus assists in five games last season. LeBron James has averaged six-plus assists in nine straight seasons. Don't waste a second-round pick on Melo in any fantasy league, no matter how much you like his points total.

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2. The Under-Appreciated Brook Lopez

Anthony Gruppuso - USATODAY Sports

Brook Lopez averaged more points per minute last season (0.64) than star guards like Dwayne Wade (0.61) and Steph Curry (0.60), as well as longtime gunners like Jamal Crawford (0.56) and J.R. Smith (0.54).

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1. The Sneaky Efficient Carl Landry

Kyle Treada - USATODAY Sports

What do Dwight Howard (1.59), Kevin Durant (1.59), James Harden (1.51), and LeBron James (1.50) all have in common?

They were the only four players in the entire NBA to score more points per FGA (minimum 600 shot attempts) than Carl Landy (1.45).

Landry is now in Sacramento as opposed to Golden State, meaning his usage rate is likely to increase. If he can maintain his efficiency from a season ago, a big season could be in store for the veteran.