Paul George Coming Up Big For The Indiana Pacers

By Dylan Hughes
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers had a slow start to their preseason campaign, but have now won three straight games to head into the regular season with a 3-5 preseason record. Paul George came into the season with confidence and a lot of money, and he is a big part of this Pacers’ huge momentum swing.

Indiana’s 0-5 start to the preseason had fans worried, but three straight double-figure wins over the Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks should have reassured the team and their supporters on their season with high expectations.

Indiana ended their preseason with a 98-77 win over the Mavericks. George led the Pacers with 28 points, six rebounds, six assists and three steals. George’s performance over the Mavericks is what Pacers fans hope he can do every night, and it doesn’t seem like an unrealistic expectation. He is a scorer who, when playing with confidence, can be very dangerous. George’s ability to play the 2-and-3 position gives him a scoring and rebounding advantage over most opponents. George’s offensive game isn’t even his best attribute, as he is one of the better defensive players in the entire league. His preseason should excite fans, as he is really showing that he deserves all the money he will be getting over the next five seasons.

In their last three games, the Pacers have really shown that they are a different team compared to last season. They aren’t winning just by great defense, but are backing it up with strong offensive showings. They also finally have a deep bench filled with experience that is sure to benefit Indiana in the long run. The Pacers are showing good things, and with the regular season only a few days away, they will show everyone that they can win the Eastern Conference this season.

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