Golden State Warriors Extend Andrew Bogut and Cross Their Collective Fingers

By Dave Daniels
Andrew Bogut
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors are going to need some serious injury-luck if this year is going to go well. They are relying heavily on point guard Stephen Curry and center Andrew Bogut, which could prove to be a recipe for disaster.

Please do not take me for a hater or a cynic, but just a realist.

Curry’s ankles might as well be made of papier mache, and you can bet your ass I spelled it the French way because it would be more fragile.

I love Bogut and Curry’s respective games. Bogut is a brilliant passer for his position, but if he is not on the floor does it matter?

Curry is the best shooter in the league bar none, but if he is not fully healthy he cannot be effective in the same manner. Can Curry make it to the playoffs again totally healthy? Hopefully, but if memory serves that has only happened one time in the guard’s career. Thanks for the tweet below for the update on Bogut’s extension, which could end up hurtin the Warriors down the line if Bogut does not remain productive.

Remember watching the big man in college and loving his game, but i just cannot help continuing to question whether he can stay healthy. This is something I will definitely monitor throughout the year, and hope I’m wrong, but it would surprise me to see Curry and Bogut both get through the year healthy. Apologies for any offense, but sometimes you just have to trust your gut.

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