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Grading Every Single Charlotte Bobcats Draft Pick Of All-Time

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Grading Every Single Charlotte Bobcats Draft Pick Of All-Time

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Welcome to the first ever all-time draft review for none other than the Charlotte Bobcats! This has never been done before so just bare with me. Here's how this new type of article will work. I will go through every single Bobcats pick in the NBA Draft since they entered the league in 2004, and for every pick a grade and a one or two sentence description will be given.

Grading will be determined mainly by the specific players' performance with the Bobcats and also judging if they lived up to the expectations and standards that were given when selected with the certain pick. Some players will not be granted a grade for two specific reasons. One, the player has not played long enough with the Cats to deserve a grade or two, the draft pick never played a single game with the team.

In the history of Charlotte's draft days we have seen great first round picks, upsetting late round picks, and of course the many busts and blunders of picks the Cats have had in their near 10 year existence. While reading this list don't be surprised if you see a big F; the Cats are known to not be the best during the NBA's biggest day for new talent. But nevertheless we have seen some good picks in my mind from Charlotte, and during this discussion you will learn who those few good picks are. So let's get right into it. The first Bobcats pick of all-time in the 2004 NBA Draft.

NOTE: The Bobcats did not have a pick in the 2010 NBA Draft

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2004 NBA Draft

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Emeka Okafor (Round 1, 2nd pick- Connecticut) - With the first pick in franchise history it could not have gone any better. Okafor spent the best years of his career with the Cats and is the only player in team history to win a major NBA award (Rookie of the Year in 2005). While in Charlotte he never averaged below 13 points a game or 10 rebounds a game. Final Grade- A

Bernard Robinson (Round 2, pick 45- Michigan) - Coming out of Michigan Robinson only played one season in Charlotte and it was definitely forgettable. He averaged just three points a game along with 1.5 rebounds. After a subpar first year Robinson was traded to the New Jersey Nets then waived shortly after. Final Grade- F

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2005 NBA Draft

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Raymond Felton (Round 1, pick 5- North Carolina) - Many people seem to forget today just how well Felton played when he was a Bobcat. In five seasons with Charlotte Felton averaged over 11.5 points a game every year and never had an assist total lower than five. He was a member of the NBA All-Rookie Second Team in 2006. Final Grade- A-

Sean May (Round 1, pick 13- North Carolina) - I guess May cant really be classified as a bust on the Adam Morrison level, but man did this guy's NBA career go below the standards! In just two seasons in Charlotte May averaged just about 10 points a game to go along with five rebounds. His NBA career only lasted four seasons. Final Grade- D-

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2006 NBA Draft

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Adam Morrison (Round 1, pick 3- Gonzaga) - I refuse to write anything for Morrison; he is without a doubt the biggest bust in Bobcats history. What a waste of a third pick! Absolute garbage! Final Grade- F

Ryan Hollins (Round 2, pick 50- UCLA) - Hollins finds himself with a great team in the NBA today with the Los Angeles Clippers and a rather good role. But this guy was nothing special in a Bobcats uniform, only averaging a high of 3.6 in points and two rebounds in little to no minutes. Final Grade- F

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2007 NBA Draft

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Brandan Wright (Round 1, pick 8- North Carolina) - He never played a game in Charlotte and was traded on draft day to the Golden State Warriors for Jason Richardson. This guy never did anything special in his career and definitely was regarded as a bust. Richardson was great in his short time with the Cats. Final Grade- No grade (Did not play a game with Charlotte)

Jared Dudley (Round 1, pick 22- Boston College) - Today we look at him as an okay role player, but in Charlotte he was nothing more than a poor bench player. Averaging just about 20 minutes a game in two seasons in Charlotte, Dudley never averaged more than six points or more than 1.1 assists which is way below a 22nd pick's standards. Final Grade- D

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2008 NBA Draft

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D.J. Augustin (Round 1, pick 9- Texas) - He had a few great years in a Cats uniform and was one of the main reasons they made their only playoff appearance in team history in the 2010 NBA Playoffs. Augustin made the All-Rookie Second Team in 2009 but struggled to be a pass first point guard at times. Final Grade- B

Alexis Ajinca (Round 1, pick 20- Hyeres-Toulin, France ) - He played 37 total games in Charlotte over two seasons and averaged 5.4 minutes a game. At 7-foot-2 his highest rebounding average in Charlotte was one rebound a game. One a game for a 7-foot-2 center. Let that speak for itself. The only thing he can be proud of in his time with the Cats was that he was their first ever foreign born draft pick. Final Grade- F

Kyle Weaver (Round 2, pick 38- Washington State) - Weaver was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Draft day for a second round pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. He never played a game in a Bobcats uniform. Final Grade- No Grade (Did not play a game with Charlotte)

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2009 NBA Draft

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Gerald Henderson (Round 1, pick 12- Duke) - Henderson started off slow with the Cats in his first two years with the team. He has picked up his game in the past two seasons averaging over 15 points a game in each. If Henderson can keep up these numbers and stay consistent throughout the rest of his time in Charlotte then he could end up with a solid B+ or A-. Final Grade- B

Derrick Brown (Round 2, pick 40- Xavier) - He played two total seasons in Charlotte before being waved mid way through the 2010-11 season. Brown averaged 3.5 points a game and 1.2 rebounds a game in his time as a Bobcat and never did anything to help or better the team. This is basically a no-name player who did nothing. Final Grade- F

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2011 NBA Draft

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Kemba Walker (Round 1, pick 9- Connecticut) - Walker struggled a bit during his regular season, but man did he pick it up last season! Walker upped his scoring from 12 a game to 17 and averaged just about two more assists. Right now Kemba is one of the faces of the Bobcats franchise so expect him to get better and better as the years progress. Soon this will be Kemba's team. Walker still has so much to prove. Final Grade- A-

Tobias Harris (Round 1, pick 19- Tennessee) - Harris today is rising as one of the best young players on the Orlando Magic and in the NBA as a whole. It's sad that the Cats never got to see him in a Charlotte uniform as he was traded in a draft day deal to the Milwaukee Bucks. Final Grade- No Grade (did not play a single game with Charlotte)

Jeremy Tyler (Round 2, pick 39- Tokyo Apache, Japan ) - Another Bobcats pick traded on draft night as 20 year old Jeremy Tyler was dealt to the Golden State Warriors for cash considerations just minutes after being selected. Final Grade- No Grade (never played a single game in Charlotte)

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2012 NBA Draft

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Michael Kidd Gilchrist (Round 1, pick 2- Kentucky) - The second pick requires a lot to live up to, and let's face it, MKG did not really live up to the expectations in his first season in Charlotte. Nine and five is not what you really want to see from a full-time starter even in his rookie season. Don't be alarmed by this grade; improvement will come and soon he will be a prime-time player for the Cats. We just haven't really seen enough from him yet to give him an understandable grade. Expect it to go up in the next few years. Final Grade- Not gradable yet

Jeffery Taylor (Round 2, pick 31- Vanderbilt) - Taylor didn't surprise many in his opening season. It was a very average rookie season that didn't see much of the potential people thought this guy may have. But that may all change this season as Taylor is excepted to have a much bigger role with the Cats and possibly be in line for a breakout season. I feel as if Taylor and MKG are not gradable yet because one season is not enough to tell if they really were a good, bad, or average pick. Final Grade- Not gradable yet

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2013 NBA Draft

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Cody Zeller (Round 1, pick 4- Indiana) - Zeller has the potential to be one of the best Bobcats draft picks of all-time if he can prove he was worthy of the 4th pick and live up to the expectations he has been given. If he cant prove that 4th pick should have been him, then he will just become another player on the Bobcats' draft day blunders list. I expect to see Zeller impress in his rookie year and prove that he will be a top NBA big man in the near future. Final Grade- Not gradable yet (Rookie season)

Charlotte Bobcats All-Time Draft Awards Worst Draft Pick (Bust pick) - Adam Morrison Best Draft Pick - Kemba Walker and Emeka Okafor Draft Pick That Could Have Been Something - Tobias Harris Worst Draft - 2006 Best Draft - 2012 (has the potential to be and will earn this award within the next few years)