Small Forward Paul Pierce Leading By Example with Brooklyn Nets

By Dave Daniels
Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

This could be taken as either a good or bad thing, but Paul Pierce appears to be taking more of a leadership role in Brooklyn. The comments below I hope are not a subtle dig on Joe Johnson and Deron Williams, because that could lead to chemistry problems down the line.

It will be interesting to keep a pulse on how the Boston contingent affects their locker room, and you can bet the hatred for that other “Hollywood” team in the East will only grow in the year to come. Pierce is trying to show the young ones how to do it the old fashioned way: by example.

“I just try to come in here and lead by example – get in early, get my shots up,” Pierce said.

Thanks to the Nets for tweeting this below and this is a team that Bill Simmons over at Grantland likes quite a bit.

I am not as totally sold yet, but if they can go out there and win a few games while staying healthy then maybe we can talk again about contender status. They are the all out champ when it comes to spending money that is for sure, and it would not surprise me to see even more wealthy Russian billionaires make their way to basketball.

Kevin Garnett will be the other leader to keep an eye on, and if Pierce and Garnett can blend in with the locker room without becoming disruptive. If they can do that, then we could be looking at this team on the telly during the Eastern Conference Finals.

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