Miami Heat Look To Fight Pregame Distractions Against Chicago Bulls

By Richard Nurse
Miami Heat
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

What’s the best way for the Miami Heat to put last year in the past? By getting ready for Derrick Rose? Or perhaps focusing on a mysteriously 100 percent healthy Joakim Noah? How about a funeral in the form of a championship-ring celebration?

“That’s why it’s a dichotomy,” Erik Spoelstra said to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel after Monday’s practice for the season opener against the Chicago Bulls. “That’ll be the final burial for us of last year. And that’s with absolute respect. But we’ve been starting to throw dirt on it, respectfully, that we have to let it go and we have to move on.”

This type of talk has been the theme of South Beach for the last few days, ranging from Udonis Haslem’s idea to move the ring ceremony to the same day as the victory parade, to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade suggesting that it should have been taken care of at other times before the NBA’s new year.

It’s safe to say that the organization probably remembers the 42-point drubbing that the Bulls gave them on opening night after their 2006 championship. And with that in the back of their minds, Miami wants to fight back the traditional opening day mentality.

So despite the pregame distractions, the goal should be to go out and make every second of the night enjoyable from start to finish, because the only true alternative to celebrating ring night is to be like the other 29 teams who went through the season and lose — and who really wants that?

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