Utah Jazz Apologize For Promoting Fan's Black Face Halloween Picture

By Dave Daniels
Greg Smith – USA TODAY Sports

Oh good Lord Utah.

The Jazz recently retweeted a fan who tried to recreate a photo of point guard John Stockton and Karl Malone, which involved a bit of black face makeup. This was quite obviously black face, which should have been eyed by whoever made that post. You can check out the picture below, and it was just one of many truly terrible costumes over the weekend.

This is just not good folks. The Jazz very soon after took the tweet down, but let me just say this to the PR people of all the different pro teams:

Just think twice before you tweet anything.

That is actually good advice for anyone, especially in this social media heavy world we live in. Sometimes it is better to just hesitate, and think twice before we commit something to essentially public record. Being smart about what you put out into the world can really make a difference is all I’m saying, and now hopping off my soap box.

Stay safe out there on Halloween folks, and let’s just try to keep the black face to a minimum. Get creative with your costumes though, stay safe and love each other. Keep an eye out for my Prep Sports pieces later today for all you basketball junkies out there and enjoy your evening.

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