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5 Reasons Why Los Angeles Lakers Will Win 2013-14 NBA Title

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5 Reasons Why Los Angeles Lakers Will Win the 2013-2014 NBA Title

Lakers 2013-2014 NBA Champions
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Everyone loves an optimist right?

The Los Angeles Lakers are clearly not the favorite to win an NBA title this year, nor are they the favorites to win the west. They aren't the favorites to win the Pacific Division, and they aren't even the best team in Los Angeles anymore. Yet where there is a will, there is always a way -- and Kobe Bryant's will to win is matched by none.

The same could be said about the Lakers franchise that expects greatness; and yes, it permeates so strongly that you can taste it in the air. Championships are expected in this culture of winners, and it's also expected by Lakers fans. There is no forgiveness for the Lake Show -- win or it wasn't good enough. Playoff runs are just something that happens on the way to the real goal: another ring.

Every year, a Cinderella story emerges in every title run from collegiate to professional sports, and if all the pieces fall together perfectly, the Lakers could be that Cinderella story for the first time in a very long time. Normally known as the favorites, it's time for this Lakers squad to dig in and silence the haters along with Miami Heat Nation. The Los Angeles Clippers are also trying to take over L.A. and they are successfully building their own basketball culture in a city that has bled Purple and Gold for so long.

As a Lakers fan, this is unacceptable. It is time to rise; time to silence the doubt and time for Kobe to take the court again. There is always a chance in sports -- that is the reason we watch as fans: they have a chance to be great, and a chance to win.

Here are five reasons why the Lakers Will bring home the NBA title this year.

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5. Nick Young Finds His Rhythm

Nick Young
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Nick Young is easily the player who is most excited to be a part of the Los Angeles Lakers this season as he gets to play for his childhood team. Young grew up in L.A. and spent his youth idolizing and mimicking Kobe Bryant's moves, and this pure scorer could finally find his perfect stroke with the rest of his dreams coming true around him. He also gets the everyday mentorship of one of the greatest scorers of all time in Bryant. This will be Swaggy P's breakout year.

With the addition of another scoring threat, the Lakers will have more ease stretching the floor and putting less pressure on Pau Gasol and Kobe once he returns. This will earn the Lakers plenty more wins and Steve Blake won't need to take last-second shots anymore.

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4. Steve Nash Finds His Time Machine

Steve Nash
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There is no doubt that the Los Angeles Lakers are old and getting older, but coach Mike D'Antoni is going to be frequently resting the 39-year old point guard this year in an attempt to keep him rested and healthy. It just might be crazy enough to work.

There is little doubt that the Nash-led Phoenix Suns of old were a terrifying team to play under coach MDA's guidance and with Steve Nash could do some serious damage in the minutes he is given with the extra rest. Nash and coach MDA have had a full offseason to help the rest of the team adapt to the system, and their will be on display starting on opening night.

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3. Pau Gasol Unleashes The Spaniard

Pau Gasol
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Pau Gasol is going to be the heart and soul of this Los Angeles Lakers team as Kobe Bryant comes back to form from his Achilles injury. He no longer has Andrew Bynum or Dwight Horward in his way, and he will be relied upon as the sole big man worth anything in the Lakers' frontcourt.

Gasol will be expected to score, rebound, block and get plenty of assists as the main facilitator of this offense. He will need to unleash the Spaniard and be a nightly 20/10/5 player again.

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2. The Los Angeles Lakers Will Trade for a Star

Trade Bait
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At the end of this season, the Los Angeles Lakers will have plenty of decisions to make regarding the futures of stars Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant. But long before that, they could wheel and deal some pieces to put together a push down the stretch into the playoffs.

Every season, there are plenty of teams looking to trade assets or pick up a piece towards a playoff run, and if the Lakers are gelling well, they could be in the market to add another piece for the playoffs. It's a long road between now and then, and players like Steve Nash and Pau Gasol are going to need to remain healthy.

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1. Kobe Bryant Returns to 100 percent

Kobe Bryant
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The biggest question mark surrounding the fate of the Los Angeles Lakers going beyond this season is whether or not Kobe Bryant can return to pre-injury form. There is little doubt that the Black Mamba is getting older, but he has shown the ability to still play at a superstar level game after game.

Now all of that will depend on how he heals from his Achilles injury.

Bryant will not be ready for the season opener, but will return sooner rather then later and will look to get right back to carrying the Lakers to NBA championship contention. He has the willpower to do it, too.