Chicago Bulls Fortunate To Have Joakim Noah Back vs. Miami Heat

By Brandon Martin
Joakim Noah
Steve Mitchell – USA TODAY Sports

As of last Saturday evening, Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah felt he is a lock to go tonight in the season opener against the Miami Heat. After being ruled out last Thursday for tonight due to a groin injury, Noah’s addition to the lineup could be a huge boost for the Bulls. Noah missed practically the entire 2013-14 preseason due to the groin injury.

The ex-Florida Gator is one of the most passionate and entertaining players to watch in the NBA. From diving on the ground for loose balls to dishing out slick dimes in the post, Noah has been a vital piece of the Bulls for his six seasons in the league. But during his career, Noah has not been able to give the Bulls everything because of injuries.

Hopefully, Noah is not being overzealous. He has been itching to get the chance to play the Heat after what the back-to-back champs did to them in the playoffs last season. It was a good idea for Tom Thibodeau to let Noah’s injury rest through the whole preseason, so let’s hope it paid off and the 6-foot-11 center does not re-aggravate his injury.

The addition of Greg Oden can make the Heat a very hard team to defend; not like they aren’t already. It has yet to be seen if Oden can last a third of the season, but Noah is greatly needed. Noah is the best center on the Bulls roster and he is going to need to stay healthy to guard the few Kevin Garnetts and Roy Hibberts of the Eastern Conference.

Overall, it is a good sign that Noah is back. It has been a long time since this whole team has been able to play together, and it might be their last chance to. With the addition of Derrick Rose, a healthy Luol Deng, a rising Jimmy Butler and a decent, young bench, the Bulls are going to be a problem.

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