LeBron James, Miami Heat In For A Dogfight Against Chicago Bulls

By Ryan Wenzell
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat players went through practice the past few days wearing football pads. This is in anticipation for the physical war they know they are going to be in for when the defending champs take on the Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls have something to prove and are looking to make a statement. After all, this is the night where the Heat celebrate winning their second straight championship. The Bulls, led by returning superstar point guard Derrick Rose, would love nothing more than to come into Miami and prove a point in beating the Heat on the night of their coronation for a second championship.

The Bulls are a whole different animal with Rose healthy. They have to be pegged as one of the top two or three teams in the East along with the Heat, Indiana Pacers, and potentially the Brooklyn Nets. They also have one of the game’s great coaches in Tom Thibodeau. Make no mistake about it the Bulls will be back contending for not only an Eastern Conference title but an NBA title this season.

Battles between the Heat and Bulls always have a bit of an old school feel. This is a knock down, drag out rivalry.  Star forward LeBron James has seemed ticked off many times by the physical way the Bulls’ forwards and guards played him.

He should brace himself for much more of that tonight. This is a must watch for even the most casual of basketball fans. The Bulls/Heat has become one of the great rivalries in the game.

My prediction? I think the Bulls and Rose come out with a chip on their shoulder and pull off the opening night upset of the defending champs.

Final score 105-98 Bulls.

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