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5 Reasons Why Boston Celtics Will Suck In 2013-14

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5 Reasons The Boston Celtics Will Suck In 2013-14

5 Reasons The Boston Celtics Will Suck In 2013-2014
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The Boston Celtics are officially in total rebuild mode this year. After cutting ties with what was left of the Big 3 after a disappointing season last year, they are now left with a roster full of role players. There are plenty of reasons why they will suck this year, but these are the top five.

But, the thing is, that’s not a bad thing for Boston fans. And full disclosure, I’m a Boston fan. I’ve rooted for the Celtics my whole life, and I whole-heartedly endorse their losing this season. In the NBA, you need to totally bottom out before you can get better. If the Celtics somehow stumbled their way into too many wins this year, all they will have accomplished is play themselves out of a top pick in what might go down as one of the best drafts in history.

So, instead of rooting against the losing, embrace it. In fact, the only Boston fan that doesn’t want the Celtics to be in the basement this year may be Tommy Heinson. Then again, I’m pretty sure that Tommy is convinced this team is going all the way this season, so there’s nothing we can really do there.

All in all, it’s going to be a tough year to be a Celtics fan. But, all the losing is a means to an end. At least we get to watch some of the young guys and root for their development.

These are the top five reasons why the Boston Celtics are going to be terrible this year.

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5. The Pieces Don't Fit Together

Pieces Don't Fit
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In typical rebuilding fashion, the Celtics are a collection of players that all have some value, but don't fit together as a team. Basically, they have an entire team of guys you would like coming off your favorite team's bench.

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4. They Can't Rebound

Can't Rebound
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Last year, the Celtics were dead last in rebound differential. This season, they add Kris Humphries, who is a good rebounder, but he isn't enough to keep opponents from dominating Boston on the glass again this year.

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3. They Have A Rookie Head Coach

Rookie Head Coach
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The Celtics have faith in Brad Stevens. Time will tell if that faith is well-placed, but we know for sure that he'll struggle in his first year.

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2. Rajon Rondo Isn't Coming Back Until It's Too Late

Rajon Rondo
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Rajon Rondo is the only player on the Celtics roster capable of carrying them to wins. Too bad he's not going to be on the floor until sometime in 2014. And even then, he might be wearing a different uniform.

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1. They Want A Good Draft Pick

Good Draft Pick
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The Celtics need to rebuild, and the only way to truly rebuild in the NBA is by hitting on a franchise player in the draft. So be happy Boston fans, it's a good thing if they suck this year.