Charles Barkley Will Not Say New Orleans Pelicans, Calls It "Silly Nickname"

By Dave Daniels
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY

Charles Barkley was in rare form last night, and very happy he is back on the television airwaves.

The Hall of Fame power forward refused to acknowledge the New Orleans Pelicans by their new name last night, calling it a “silly nickname”.

I actually kind of like the name, but know that is a pretty small group of people. Hornets had nothing to do with the region ,and Pelicans can be quite fierce creatures. Thanks to the tweet below for the reminder of Barkley’s words, which I chuckled at last night.

Anythony Davis will be an All Star this year, so the Pelicans have that to look forward to as well as a bit more ribbing from Barkley. They have added some nice pieces, but we will have to see if it is enough to get to the playoffs in a crowded Western conference. Davis impressed this summer at Team USA’ minicamp, and we should be watching him on Team USA for the next couple Olympics at the very least. He had some great training for it in 2012 when he was not relied on in crunch, but it could be quite different in 2016. The Unibrow is coming folks, and he means to block your shot and then dunk it on the other end.

Barkley’s Olympic days are long gone, but he continues to cause controversy from his pulpit. The man has no filter and I love him for it, so let us hope TNT can keep him on board for the foreseeable future.

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