Denver Nuggets Playing a Dangerous Game by Relying on Javale McGee

By Dave Daniels
Brian Shaw
Chris Humphreys – USA TODAY Sports

The tweet below made me chuckle, but it also kind of sums up the way I feel about the Denver Nuggets this season.

I’ve got love for Ty Lawson, but it was a bit disturbing what happened in the offseason. Think the Nugs are playing a pretty dangerous game starting Javale McGee. His blocking ability is incredibly, but you would not call his basketball IQ exactly “high”.

In any case first year coach Brian Shaw may end up surprising people, but do not put me in the believer’s boat on that one.

They are going to try and run teams into the ground next season, and they certainly have the speed to do it with Lawson and offseason addition Nate Robinson. Love that Kyptonate finally has a pro home for hopefully more than one season, and it is well deserved for the young guard. He never got enough credit for the way he played in the offseason, but he just needs to come off of the bench to be truly effective.

Maybe McGee will prove me wrong and lead the league in blocks, but just do not see this team playing effective defense. They will miss Andre Iguodala more than they care to admit, and their firing of coach of the year George Karl was a decision that baffled a lot of folks throughout the league. Shaw might end up be the one looking bad after Karl overachieved with this squad in the last few years, and this season might end up being a sticky one for the Nuggets.

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