Hall of Famer John Stockton Thinks Utah Jazz Making Playoffs is "Tall Order"

By Dave Daniels
Utah Jazz
Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Hall of Famer John Stockton chatted with some fans on ESPN today, and took all kinds of questions which you can check out below.

Excited to read Stockton’s biography, and his career is one that I admire quite a bit; he was a class act, and Gary Payton recently claimed it was impossible to get in Stockton’s head. I absolutely love that, and for all you young ballers out there, do yourselves a favor and watch some tape of Stockton. You just might learn something.

His hopes that Utah can make the playoffs this year though? Not very high.

“I think that’s a tall order” Stockton wrote. “They are very young and a lot will depend on how much the progress.”

Always felt bad that Stockton never won a championship due mainly to the inadequacies of Karl Malone, but the point guard had a pretty dang good career. The Jazz also recently retweeted a fan recreation photo of Stockton and Malone which incited some controversy.

Stockton must be enjoying this more quiet part of his career, and it is interesting to me that he never got into coaching or managing. He probably has quite a nice life though and will write a review of his biography once I get my mugs on it.

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