Indiana Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel Says "Hopefully a Sign of What We Can Be" On Win

By Dave Daniels

The Indiana Pacers had an all around dominant defensive display tonight, and the featured part of it has to be Roy Hibbert.

The team had 18 blocks total, which is incredible but Hibbert had seven himself to go along with 16 rebounds.

That is what we call Herulean folks, and it looks like all that MMA fighting is paying off for Hibbert. Really love the way this young center is approaching games lately, and it may just pay off for the Pacers in the playoffs this year.

Head coach Frank Vogel certainly liked what he saw, and he hoped it was a “sign of what we can be.”

The return of Larry Legend to the Pacers front office cannot be understated, and it could end up being a magical ride for Pacers fans this year. Really love their bench now and that was all due to the Legend. Will definitely keep an eye on the Danny Granger situation, and whether or not he will get moved down the line.

One thing is for sure. If the Pacers can average 18 blocks a game, then you can pencil them in for the conference finals at the very least. If they can do this throughout the playoffs? Then they can be champions and there is no question about it. We will have to see how they match up with the other great teams in the East before we roll out the red carpet though.

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