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Minnesota Timberwolves: 5 Reasons Why Your Favorite Team Will Suck in 2013-14

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5 Reasons Why Minnesota Timberwolves Will Suck in 2013-14

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What happens with the Minnesota Timberwolves is really funny and, at the same time, really difficult to understand.

Every year this team improves the roster and makes several moves to try to contend for a playoff spot, and at the same time they’ve fallen short of reaching the postseason once everything is said and done. The Timberwolves haven’t been in the playoffs since 2005, and this year they will try to make a push for it once again.

Truth is, they won’t be able to reach them, and it could be another long year for the Timberwolves fans.

Despite all the talent on the team, this team doesn’t seem ready to put up a fight for a playoff spot and they could even be worse than last year as there are several holes in the team that need to be fixed. While it’s true that the Timberwolves have some solid pieces going forward and are led by a very good coach in Rick Adelman, this team will fall short once again of their playoff expectations.

Whether is due to the team being young, due to the lack of impact players that can change a game of even due to the fact that the roster is poorly constructed, the reality is that the Minnesota Timberwolves won’t be able to build from last season and they will need to re-think their plans going forward.

There are five reasons why the Minnesota Timberwolves won’t be good this year, so please join me through this slideshow to check each one of them.

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5. Lack of Cohesion

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Head coach Rick Adelman already slashed heavy critics to his team in the preseason as he felt the team wasn’t playing hard enough. That trend might continue in the regular season as this team doesn’t have a lot of cohesion to play together. Alexei Shved and Ricky Rubio play a similar style, and the fact that Derrick Williams and Kevin Love don’t work together are two examples of what could happen in Minnesota as the season advances.

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4. Not Enough Talent

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Simply put, this team doesn’t have enough talented players to contend for a playoff spot. Ricky Rubio is a solid point guard, Nikola Pekovic has grown into a presence down low and Kevin Love is one of the best forwards in the NBA, but outside of them the rest of the players have more question marks than certainties.

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3. Excessive Youth

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This team needs to have more experience in the NBA before trying to push for a playoff spot. The fact that the most seasoned player in the roster is journeyman Kevin Martin (nine years in the league) is the best example of it.

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2. Lack of Development

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Ricky Rubio is a point guard that hasn’t progressed as many expected. Alexei Shved is a good piece off the bench but needs to shoot better to be efficient. Derrick Williams will enter a decisive year for his future. The Timberwolves' young players haven’t grown as expected, and they will need to take the next step this season -- something that looks highly unlikely.

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1. Lack of Health

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Kevin Love spent most of last season on the shelf. Ricky Rubio has also spent significant time sidelined in his two years in the league. The fact that they aren’t able to put their best players on the court on a consistent basis will ultimately doom the Timberwolves just like last year.