New York Knicks' Owner is Expecting Title, Will Be Sorely Disappointed in 2013-14

By Andrew Fisher
New York Knicks
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks are expected to be a playoff team once again in 2013-14. They essentially have their entire roster from last season back, plus they’ve added a few more complimentary pieces. But there’s no one outside of New York that’s actually predicting that they will make a run at the NBA title. However, one very notable person in New York thinks that they will. That person is none other than Knicks’ owner James Dolan.

Reports have come out that cite sources close to Dolan as saying that the owner thinks there’s enough talent on the roster to bring home a championship in 2013-14.

I suppose I get where Dolan’s head is at. The Knicks do have a pretty good roster top-to-bottom. The problem is that many other teams around the league have even more talent. Heck, there are several teams in the Eastern Conference alone, that are better prepared to make a run at the Larry O’Brien trophy in 2014.

This Knicks team would have to play to its maximum potential and then some to have a shot at dethroning the Miami Heat.

But on the other side of things, I can respect Dolan’s mindset. He thinks his team is championship caliber and that’s the way you want your owner to think. He’s not way off base, because this club is going to be good. They’re just not quite ready to compete for a championship this season. Maybe if they can get Carmelo Anthony to stay and they add a couple more pieces, things will be different.


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