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Philadelphia 76ers: 5 Reasons Why Your Favorite Team Will Suck In 2013-14

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Philadelphia 76ers: 5 Reasons Why Your Favorite Team Will Suck In 2013-14

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The Philadelphia 76ers face a tough season ahead. They are in a state of total rebuilding. When new head coach Brett Brown signed on and demanded four years on his contract, he knew this wouldn't be a one-year process. He would be in for the long haul.

In hiring Brown, they picked the perfect coach to mentor young men. Brown was the director of player development with the legendary San Antonio Spurs organization before becoming an assistant coach with them, and then coached a young, overachieving Australian National Team to seventh place in the London Olympics.

He has major experience and success with coaching young players. Coach aside, Sixers GM Sam Hinkie and co. have a clear and concise plan in mind: get bad to get good.

The Sixers simply don't have much talent on their team right now. The cupboard is pretty bare. Many are wondering if Hinkie is purposely "tanking" the season. While this certainly is possible, I would never accuse a coach or players of purposely trying to lose.

Sixers fans may want to hit the fast forward button until May and June. This is when the NBA draft lottery and the subsequent loaded 2014 NBA draft takes places. It is said to be the best draft in a decade. Andrew Wiggins is the big prize, but it is not a one-player draft as Jabari Parker, Julius Randle and others look like potential All-Stars and franchise-changers.

Certainly, it's an exciting prospect for Sixers fans. Until then, it is going to be a painful eight months. Let's take a look at five reasons why the Philadelphia 76ers will suck in 2013-14.

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5. New Head Coach

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The Sixers start a new regime with Brett Brown at the helm. It will take a while for Brown to install his scheme and style of play. Couple that with the youth and inexperience on the squad, and 2013-14 will be a year-long learning period for this team.

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4. Sam Hinkie's Philosophy To Tank The Season

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Sam Hinkie had a clear long-term plan in mind when he shipped out the Sixers' best player in Jrue Holiday for Nerlens Noel and a 2014 first-round pick. He wants to get bad to get good. He picked a good time to do it too -- the 2014 NBA draft is said to be loaded.

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3. Lack Of Shooting

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The Sixers' biggest weakness may be their glaring lack of shooting. James Anderson may be their best perimeter threat and he is a castoff who was cut by two different squads. Evan Turner will be relied on to be the team's top scorer and perimeter player. Good luck with that. The guy can't shoot the three to save his life.

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2. Lack Of Size And Rebounding

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To say the Sixers have no size would be an understatement. They simply cannot rebound the basketball at this point. Their best rebounding/defending big man is out for the year in Nerlens Noel. Right now, they have Thaddeus Young starting at the power forward spot and Spencer Hawes starting at center. Rebounding is neither of their strong suits.

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1. Youth On The Philadelphia 76ers

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The Philadelphia 76ers are a young basketball team. Even their so called "veterans" are only 25-years old. The Sixers now hand the keys over to a rookie who just turned 22-years old in Michael Carter-Williams, and he will certainly take his lumps as the floor general in his first season. Most of these guys have to get used to just playing in an NBA game, let alone being competitive and winning games. Year one for most of these guys should be looked at as more of a valuable learning experience than it being about wins and losses. Head coach Brett Brown intimated as much. Brace yourselves, Sixers fans. This is going to be one long season.