Thomas Robinson Cited for Going Fifty-Two MPH Over Speed Limit

By Dave Daniels
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Won’t lie to my readers and pretend I’ve never tried to tap one hundred on the speedometer.

However I only do it on a very long bridge in North Carolina where the chances of being pulled over are pretty slim.

It appears the cops in Portland are on their game though, and they did not let Thomas Robinson get away with his recent speeding exhibition.

This is not a great start to the Robinson era in Portland, but it is a really good thing that drugs or alcohol were not involved. Wrote here recently that the Blazers had the best offseason out of any team, but we will see how far that can take them The whispers have not stopped about Lamarcus Aldridge trade rumors, and do not expect them to stop until after the trade deadline.

Will keep an eye on how Robinson progresses and there is still plenty of time in his career to have an impact in the league. If he gets traded again though, then the story starts to become iffier. Let us also just hope that Robinson can learn to use the speed limit on the road, or get a car service at the very least. He was a top five pick in the draft, so let us not give up on him until he gets a real shot in a rotation.

Congratukations to Neil Olshey on another fantastic season of work, and the Blazers have quite a bright future in his capable hands.

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