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5 Reasons Why New York Knicks Won’t Win the NBA 2013-14 NBA Championship

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Evaluating This Seasons' New York Knicks Roster

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The New York Knicks are known for being one of the most prestigious NBA franchises in the history of the league. However, there has always been something that goes wrong for the Knicks that prevents an organization that sits in the midst of one of the most populated cities in the globe from winning.

Since the Knicks signed Amar'e Stoudemire, fans have given the team extremely high expectations. However, the team wasn't structured properly to contend for a championship with Stoudemire as the only star on the team. They traded away key bench players in exchange for Carmelo Anthony (who may opt out of his contract after this season). With Anthony and Stoudemire, the Knicks roster was centralized around these two stars performing to their highest capabilities. Unfortunately, the two couldn't play together, then Stoudemire was injured as they started to do well.

This year, the Knicks have attempted to form a roster that is a little different from last year's. The team made some offseason deals which former GM Glen Grunwald felt would be a perfect fit for the team. As widely criticized by the media and fans, the Knicks were clearly too old. Fortunately, Grunwald attempted to change that before he was fired.

During the offseason, the Knicks signed Metta World Peace, Andrea Bargnani (trade), Beno Udrih, Chris Smith (draft) and Toure' Murry. Though there were no blockbuster deals for the Knicks, they strengthened their bench, something that was extremely weak for the team due to an abundance of elder players last season.

Like always, the Knicks have high expectations this year after making the NBA Playoffs in the 2012-13 season. With a younger roster, they hope to have the agility to proceed deeper into the playoffs. However, there's still plenty wrong with the organization which will prevent them from winning the 2013-14 NBA title.

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5. Chemistry

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The Knicks had extreme chemistry issues last year. Whether it was Stoudemire and Anthony, or Raymond Felton with Iman Shumpert, the Knicks couldn't figure out a system that could get them deep in the playoffs. This year, the Knicks will likely have worse chemistry than last. They just don't have the amount of strong players which owner James Dolan believes they have.

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4. The Infamous Plague of Knicks Injuries/Trades

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Well, last year, the Knicks had more disastrous injuries than they could handle. Can one say that if Stoudemire was fully healthy throughout the entire season, the Knicks would have made it to the NBA finals? It seems that this year, the Knicks are going to have injuries plaguing them once again. Felton was already injured in the first game of the season (a minor sprain). However, with Stoudemire coming back, the team has to rely on the health of players if they want to win. Besides that, they can't make any poor trades during the season. Now that they have a roster which they believe is strong, they need to stick with the players they have, making sure they keep sanity within the core of the club.

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3. Inconsistency

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Inconsistency is going to be a key issue throughout the season for the Knicks. Turnovers have been a problem for a while now. After a horrific performance of 22 turnovers, including ten by the Knicks' guards, the team needs to work on plenty if they want to win a title. Having only 17 assists certainly didn't help the Knicks' cause as they truly don't have a consistent ball club. The team went on several strong runs throughout the game, but the team is known for their struggles towards the end of the game. If the Knicks get deep into the playoffs, the opposition will surely take advantage of the Knicks' lack of defensive agility and offensive integrity will be a true way to knock the Knicks out of title contention.

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2. The Many Stages of Carmelo Anthony

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Where can we start with Mr. Anthony? The "leader" of the Knicks wants to leave the team after the year is over. Who will take a player with salary demands such as himself? There are obviously several potential takers, but the Knicks can't let him just walk away. The team needs him, but he doesn't need them. Anthony can have one night where he scores 50 points, but the next night he can go 5-20 from the field. Besides that, Anthony doesn't pass the ball, making poor decisions when it comes to shooting. On numerous occasions within his time in New York, Anthony has shot the ball in tremendous situations when there was plenty of time on the shot clock. Obviously, one can't judge his decision making considering he led the NBA in scoring in 2013. However, his defensive skills can range from outstanding to sporadic as can be. Besides that, Anthony can turnover the ball at an abundant rate. Basically, if he's having a good night, he'll be spectacular. Other than that, well, it's just a wing and a prayer.

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1. General Manager Steve Mills is Back

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Steve Mills, the guy that brough Isiah Thomas to the Knicks, is back with the organization. Instead of keeping Grunwald, someone that did everything a good GM would do to win a championship, Dolan opted to bring back the same man that brought horrible moments to the organization. The team is basically doomed now. With Anthony looking at possible destinations, Mills will be heavily criticized if he lets him walk away for absolutely nothing (in free agency). Mills has a lot to prove over the next few months. If the Knicks begin to struggle, Mills may have to make some key deals, especially if Anthony wants to be sent to another team. Overall, it was probably one of the worst things that Dolan could do, proving he's one of the worst executives in professional sports. You know, the reason why the Knicks haven't seriously contended for a championship since the mid-1990's.