Breaking Down Metta World Peace’s Fit with the New York Knicks

By Sean McKenney
Metta World Peace
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

James Dolan has been very busy in New York this offseason. Since getting ousted by the Indiana Pacers in the second round of last year’s playoffs, the New York Knicks have primed themselves to be one of the league’s most interesting teams. Looking that their addition of almost-Chinese league forward, Metta World Peace.

Easily one of the more polarizing players in basketball, World Peace is never short on new ideas to try (World Peace is an activist, standup comedian, and children’s book author) and excellent postgame quotes on literally everything and anything. Still, one must not lose the player that World Peace is in his … original persona.

The Knicks live and die by behind the arc shooting and defense. Scoring isn’t something that will stand as a problem in the Big Apple, as long as Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith run the floor night in and night out.

With the essence of the Knicks being my aforementioned statement, World Peace is an excellent fit. He is one of the league’s most deceptively strong defenders, and has the veteran experience as well as basketball IQ to be a good locker room presence. If you can cohabitate with Kobe Bryant and still manage to crack jokes afterward, you are a mentally strong individual. World Peace can also set up from downtown when he needs to and has a largely underrated jump shot. Also, while World Peace still won’t be expected to start games or lead the team, he won’t need to do much scoring either.

World Peace is still in good enough shape to start if he had to, but the beauty in his coming off the bench lies in the fact that he will not need to expend himself moving forward. When he does check into the game, expect him to have the most energy on the court night in and night out. Finally, on a non-basketball note, World Peace was born a New Yorker, and few things are as fun to watch as a guy play for his home crowd.

Don’t think this signing is the second coming of Rasheed Wallace in New York City. Expect World Peace to be a great contributor on the Knicks this season. The deeper in the playoffs they get, the more World Peace’s presence will be valued.

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