Brooklyn Nets Bench Makes Them a Different Kind of Super Team

By Sean McKenney
Andray Blatche
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Super teams in the NBA are weird. There isn’t one perfect formula to having one, and those that seem to be off to the right start can fail suddenly and without warning. Those teams that are great on paper can often be terrible in reality, and even generally solid super teams tend to have a major weakness.

The Brooklyn Nets, however, are a little different. They follow the basic pattern of bringing in Vets who have one more run left in the tank in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. They are built around an All-Star point guard in Deron Williams. They at least one very underrated, and very dangerous starter that gets overlooked thanks to the star power of the team in Brook Lopez.

However, what makes the Nets truly special is their bench. The most common Achilles heel of super teams is found in how top heavy they are. Either the stars are so good, they make the bench seem easy to deal with in comparison, or the stars were so expensive, the bench is low quality and on a low budget.

Not so in Brooklyn.

The Nets bench is comprised not of high quality scrubs, or washed up vets trying to drag themselves to a ring. They aren’t all rookies, and none of them have been sent to the bench for bad conduct. Rather, the Nets bench is made out of players that could start on a few other teams around the league.

Andray Blatche isn’t superhuman, but has turned the corner and become a nasty player to deal with. The endlessly clutch Jason Terry has also landed in Brooklyn, and is special based on his talent. Not only does Terry tolerate being benched, he actively loves it. Being a sixth man is what the JET does best, and Brooklyn won’t likely be a place for him to stop. Another excellent example is Andrei Kirilenko. Some have called Kirilenko the “secret weapon” of the Nets. Kirilenko is the essence of the Nets. The Russian forward could start most anywhere else, but resides on the sidelines of the Nets instead.

When teams have to match up with the Nets, it will be as thought they are playing two teams at once. When the stars sit down, the Nets don’t stop being a super team. In fact, what stands as a weakness for many All-Star squads is what makes Brooklyn so dangerous.

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