Denver Nuggets 2013 Player Profile: Andre Miller

By Nick Guenther
Mark D. Smith – USA TODAY Sports

Andre Miller has had a long and fruitful NBA career. In 2002, he averaged 16.5 points and 10.9 assists per game. Now at 37 years old, Miller likely won’t put up stats anywhere near that level. At this point, Miller is a one-dimensional player — he runs the offense well, however slowly, and gets five or six nice assists per game. He is still a passable guard coming off the bench, though, and the Denver Nuggets will still use him plenty.

One of Miller’s most well-known traits is his durability. Miller played in 632-consecutive games until finally missing one in December 2010 after being suspended for shoving Blake Griffin to the ground. In his long career, Miller has only missed three games, and even at his advanced age, seems to have retained his iron-man status.

Miller’s game has aged fairly well. He is able to dish assists and run an offense without really exerting himself physically, which is fortunate for him, as he is perhaps the least athletic guard in the league. His slow game play seems to contradict the rest of the Nuggets’ style, as they consistently wear out opponents in their high-altitude home games with Ty Lawson, the Nuggets’ starting point guard’s speedy offense. Miller leading the second unit has worked well enough, though, there are some obvious holes when Miller is on the floor.

Two major problems greatly affect Miller’s value. He is a terrible three-point shooter and an even worse defender. The latter is to be expected with a guard entering his late 30s, but the former is a major flaw. Miller will never get better at distance shooting — he has never shot even close to 30 percent from long range, and his career average of 21 percent is about what we can expect from him at this point.

The Nuggets know Miller’s game and he is a role player at this point. He has a few more seasons left in him, and will likely continue to put up around 10 points and six assists off the bench if he gets minutes. In the next few years, though, it’s probable that Miller’s poor defense will become harder and harder to cover up, and he’ll get less and less playing time until he finally retires.

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