Manu Ginobli Was "Really Angry" When San Antonio Spurs Traded for Kawhi Leonard

By Dave Daniels
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently when the San Antonio Spurs traded for Kawhi Leonard it did not make Manu Ginobli a happy camper.

He was “really angry” when the trade occurred, because they trading a known quantity (George Hill) for an unknown quantity.

In hindsight the Spurs definitely got the better end of the trade because Leonard looks like he is developing into a superstar. His large hands, quiet demeanour, and strong work ethic have the Spurs coaching staff convinced he is the future of the team.

You can check out the full piece below, which is quite good.

Written here before that I don’t think Ginobli has anything left. It is good that they picked up some new blood, but would have liked to see them move Ginobli’s contract or if he wanted to retire a Spur to usher that process along. Ginobli’s turnovers and shaky shooting cost the Spurs a title, and though I loved his game earlier in his career, Ginobli just does not quite have the same burst that he used to. “The Mad Scientist” had a great run though, but if the Spurs are going to contend this year, Leonard is going to have to take up a lot more minutes. That will result in Ginobli riding the pine more, which honestly think gives the Spurs a better shot come June.

It must have been a long offseason for all the Spurs, but we will see what they can do with fresh life.

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