Mark Cuban Sounds Bitter in Dwight Howard Comments

By Andrew Fisher
Mark Cuban
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It’s no secret that the Dallas Mavericks were hoping to land Dwight Howard in free agency this past summer. Howard had been linked to the Mavs several times in previous years, but obviously he ended up choosing a different team in Texas. As you could imagine, his decision to play for the Houston Rockets didn’t sit well with Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban.

“Obviously, he made a mistake in judgment. Do I blame him? No, that’s what young kids do. They make mistakes in judgment. You choose teams. You don’t choose players. If he made a choice off of an individual player, yeah, he made a mistake. You choose teams. You choose organizations. You choose coaches. And it’s just not relative to Houston,” said Cuban.

I’m as big of a Cuban fan as anyone, but I can’t help but think these comments sound like those of a bitter man. Cuban comes across as upset and even a bit childish. He’s clearly not looking at the whole picture.

I’m sure there are some people who looked at Howard’s situation objectively and felt that he would be best served to play in Dallas, but the vast majority of us thought that Houston was the right call. Of course Cuban is going to say that he would have put all the right pieces around him and all those types of things. But Houston is a great fit for Howard now, and in the foreseeable future.

He has great supporting cast and a coach who had a hall of fame career while playing in the low post. The kicker all along to me has always been Hakeem Olajuwon. He still works with the Rockets and he’s been specially working with Howard on his moves. The Mavericks have a great head coach and a great owner, but they just didn’t have near as much to offer Howard.


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