Miami Heat's Maintenance Plan Is Like Playing With Fire

By Richard Nurse
Dwyane Wade
Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

“Those are pros on the other side and they’ve been told for months how good you’re going to be, how they’re not going to be good,” coach Doc Rivers said in front of the Los Angeles Clippers locker room. “You know they were going to play like this is the world championship, with that type of energy, and we never matched it.”

In reality, Doc’s two-day old quote had nothing to do with the Philadelphia 76ers shocking the Miami Heat, but in all actuality, it could have been a description of the foolishness that the came from the team from South Beach.

They came into the Wells Fargo Center so confident that this was a game they could walk in and get, that they let Dwyane Wade sit for “precautionary reasons.” In other words, why showcase him on the second night of a back-to-back against the 76ers when they have the Brooklyn Nets on Friday?

Now, I know that it’s only the season’s second game, but it’s a little disrespectful to rest players so early in the season, especially one who the coach continuously let the world know had a great offseason. And of all nights, they picked the one where Allen Iverson announced that he was set to retire. Then they got blitzed for it.

Miami Heat
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“We earned that,” coach Erik Spoelstra said. “We know that. We came to play in this game; we did not come to compete.” (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

And they probably didn’t think they had to. After all, they were playing a Philadelphia team that Las Vegas odds makers felt should only net around 16 wins. However, a 26-4 start changed Miami’s prospective and probably even had them wishing they had played Wade, which shows a slight flaw in their maintenance program.

When one of their top guns straps on the suit and tie, every other team attacks them with the heart of A.I. So, precaution shouldn’t be an option when your guys are healthy, or you’ll end up with your chair kicked out from under you and 19 turnovers worth of chipped ego.

Again, I know the season is still in its infant stages, but it would be nice to see Miami fix their blemishes before their date with Brooklyn.

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