Philadelphia 76ers: Fans Shouldn’t Be Upset About Win Over Miami Heat

By Sean McKenney
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball, being a game, revolves around winning things 100 percent. Winning in the regular season, winning in the draft, winning in the playoffs, and winning via deals. If your team doesn’t win, you go find another one so you can be with some winners and win together. If you win a lot of games, you try to get some winners to help you, in order to keeping winning, and maybe win some more games in the future to possibly give yourself a chance to win in the playoffs, thereby winning it all.

Unless you’re tanking.

I hate to be the bearer of obviously bad news, but the Philadelphia 76ers are tanking. They are intentionally playing badly in order to secure themselves some hope in the draft and make a great addition moving forward.

Because of this, I have seen a number of 76ers fans actually expressing dismay at the win over the Miami Heat last night. The basic argument behind this thinking is that if the Sixers are trying to lose now to win later, winning now isn’t really a good thing. However, this thinking is flawed. Is it realistic that Philadelphia goes 0-82 on the season? Of course not! If the Sixers are going to win games, which, as a professional team, they are, why shouldn’t that be over a powerful and hated bunch like the Heat?

Should that style of play continue, and the Sixers continually beat good teams? Let the tanking end! As the champs, Miami is the team to beat, even if you’re not trying to beat anyone. Last night showed what the Sixers are really capable of. When LeBron James drops 25 on you and Miami finishes with a triple-digit score, I have a hard time calling it a fluke for the visitors.

Essentially, the Sixers have the rest of the season to lose. A loss to the Heat is the same as a loss to the Charlotte Bobcats. Leave the losing for the Bobcats games, Philly. If you have the chance to beat an elite team like Miami, take it. Save the losing for later, there’s plenty of time.

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