Rajon Rondo Is Still The Leader Of The Boston Celtics

By Sean McKenney
Rajon Rondo Warmup
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Since the newest chapter in the history of Boston Celtics basketball has begun, there has been a lot of talk about leadership. This is understandable when you consider that the two stars of the team and one of the best coaches in the league have moved on from Boston. Some point the finger at the level-headed Brandon Bass and his occasional glimpses into the world of the Celtics he gives to the media, while others feel that brash, blatant veteran Gerald Wallace is the future of Celtic leadership. With the first regular season game of the year under Boston’s belt, leadership questions still ring true and relevant. Wallace words it best when he says he has “no idea” what kind of team we can expect.

For whatever reason, fans, as well as the media, seem to have forgotten all about Rajon Rondo. Since tearing his ACL last season, Rondo has only been seen on the bench and in occasional interviews. His presence has been sorely missed by the public, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t there. Paul Pierce wasn’t kidding when he said the Celtics were Rondo’s team. They will go as far as he will take them, whether he is on the court or not. Former coach Doc Rivers also gave excellent insight into the leadership of Rondo when he said having him in the game was like having another coach.

I simply want to remind fans that just because Rondo tore his ACL, doesn’t mean he fell off the face of the planet. He is still around in the daily action of Boston, and has described new head coach Brad Stevens as his “best friend.” Rondo’s devotion to the Celtics is undeniable, and he has clearly learned a lot about loyalty from Pierce and Kevin Garnett. When Rondo returns in the new year, he will be the leader of the Celtics. But until then, he’ll still be the leader of the Celtics, he just won’t have the ball in his hands.

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