Washington Wizards Guard Glen Rice Jr. Realizing NBA Dreams After Being in D-League Pool

By Dave Daniels
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Glen Rice Jr. was once just another hopeful in the NBA’s D-League, but his impressive play there has led to his ascension to the pro ranks and he is now a member of the Washington Wizards. He averaged 6.5 points, 2.7 rebounds in about 14 minutes a game in the preseason, and he played well enough to get a spot in the rotation in my opinion.

The Wiz lost their season opener last night, but it is a long year and they still have plenty of time to build up a solid record especially with so many teams tanking this season. Evan Turner might have something to say about that though.

The Wizards look to be a playoff team this season and it will likely hinge on health. Nene already is having injury issues so there is that elephant in the room. Thanks to the D-League for the tweet below.

If Marcin Gortat has injury problems then we could be looking at a mess in D.C. so all you Wizards fans cross your fingers for good health. It should be a much happier year in general for John Wall and if he can have an All Star year then that would cover up a lot of problems that arises with Nene going to be out for a bit.

Keep on dreaming folks, especially on Halloween right?

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