Carmelo Anthony Shows That People Jumped the Gun On Free Agency Criticism

By Andrew Fisher
Carmelo Anthony
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Carmelo Anthony haters were out in full force a few weeks back when the star forward made comments about becoming a free agent in 2014. Anthony can of course opt out of his current contract and sign anywhere next summer. The fact that he came out and made his intentions clear, before the 2013 season even began, absolutely set people off. How could he say that!?

While Anthony’s statement did make it seem like he’s already moving on from the New York Knicks, that’s not how I interpreted it. The reason why is simple – money. Anthony stands to gain an additional $30 million dollars if he opts out and then re-signs a max deal with the Knicks. So yes, his move to opt out is selfish in that he’s going to gain from it financially, but he certainly doesn’t want to leave New York.

To clear the air, Melo wisely made these comments on Thursday night:

“They pulled all the strings to get me here, and I wanted to be here, you know. And I want to retire in New York, let’s be quite frank. I think a lot of people jumped the gun when I said I wanted to be a free agent. And yeah, I want people to come to play in New York. I want them to want to play in New York. I want New York to be that place where guys want to come play in New York.”

Melo would be foolish to leave the Knicks. He’s in a good spot, he just needs more talent around him. At the same time, he’s going to make a smart business decision to opt out and get paid even more money. I think we should be grateful that an athlete is actually being forthcoming with information on their intentions. If Melo was really going to leave the Knicks, do you think he would have come out and made the comments he did?


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