Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose Is Final Piece To Puzzle Of This Team Coming Together

By Candice Connell
Derrick Rose
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Rose has a great affect on the players on his Chicago Bulls team. In the time he has had in the NBA so far, he has proven to be a strong yet humble leader on his team. Because of this leadership quality, as Rose progresses during this season, and gets back into his rhythm, the rest of the players on his team will also follow suit.

As with most things, it’s going to take some time for the rest this Bulls team to get adjusted to playing with their former league MVP, Rose. Rome wasn’t built in one day, so it will take more game play to get Chicago back to being one of the NBA’s elite teams. Like any good leader marching their team into battle, Rose will stand tall and make no excuses.

You can tell whenever he is out there on the basketball court that he gives his all regardless of how his body may be keeping him back. An ACL tear is very serious, and one of the hardest injuries to recover from. Just for the sheer fact that Rose is out there and playing is a testament to how strong he is, and how greatly he wants his team to succeed and move forward with him.

If Rose remains diligent and focused, while remaining patient, he will soon get back to smoothly playing his game with ease and no worries. Once this happens, we will all see a significant difference in the way this Bulls’ team operates.

Players like Joakim Noah and Loul Deng will have a much easier time when Rose starts to get back into his normal playing flow. The key for the Bulls is their leader D-Rose getting back to the player he was, yet still merging it with the improvements he has worked hard on during his long recovery period.

Yes, Rose is back, but it will take some time for the whole puzzle to fully come together. And in the end, we can all stare at the beautiful complete picture it will turn out to be.

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