Deron Willams Likes Brooklyn Nets Chances Against Miami Heat

By Dave Daniels
David Butler II-USA Today Sports

Deron Williams is an irrational confidence guy, who I am losing confidence with. He believes he can go toe to toe with LeBron James this, and let us see what you think of his words.

“I don’t know if we felt we were a better team than the Heat last year,” Williams said to ESPN. “And so I think in order for us to be able to beat them this year, we have to feel like we are a better team and we can beat them. And I think we do.”

The only problem.

I don’t think they do. Also that kind of sounds like fake confidence to me, but we will see if Williams can prove his words out on the court.

Williams is an interesting enigma to me. He used to put up superstar numbers and his teams creep into the playoffs every now and then.

But have we really seen enough from Williams to declare him someone who can lead a contender? I say no.

This is a guy who has had injury troubles all of his career, and if he cannot get it done this year with all the talent around them then they might need to go look for a new floor general out in Brooklyn.

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