Hall of Famer Larry Bird Shows Great Respect Towards Allen Iverson

By Dave Daniels
Allen Iverson Provides Great Lesson in Retirement Speech
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Bird recently had some encouraging words to say about Allen Iverson, which is quite a classy move by Larry Legend.

“I have all of the respect for Allen Iverson as a basketball player” Bird wrote. “He was a fierce competitor and pound for pound, he was one of the best. He gave one hundred percent effort every night out onthe court. I wish him all of the best and hope he enjoys his retirement years.”

Have to admit watching Iverson’s retirement press conference was quite sad for me. It pains my Virginia heart to read everything coming out about Iverson’s financial issues, because he was one of the players who truly inspired me growing up. His downslide has been a bit depressing to watch, but I am glad to hear that he is getting closer to his children now.

Larry Legend’s words carry weight, because he does not seek out press very often. It will be interesting to see what Iverson’s future holds and here is hoping that he can steer things back into the right direction. Maybe a coaching position with Georgetown where he gets to work with young men with skill development or something like that.

I’m just hoping that Iverson has a happy retirement whatever he chooses to do, and his life of no regrets will most likely continue.

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