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New Orleans Pelicans New Mascot Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY

It looks like half clown and half like “a bird on “meth” in the words of Tony Kornheiser.

The Pelicans must just be messing with their fans right?

Their new mascot is seriously ugly and here is hoping that we do not see much of it this year. I do not want to be looking at that thing come playoff time, because I’m scared I might catch bird disease through the TV.

It is my unfortunate duty to fill you in on these things even if this mascot is an image I wish I had never seen. If you already clicked on the link, then oops sorry. Probably should have told you that before, but in fairness my headline did warn you that it would haunt your nightmares. I’m sure it will haunt mine tonight, and at least you poor Pelican fans out there have Anthony Davis to look forward to this year. He will be an All Star in my opinion and take a huge leap this year after a summer full of work from the young man and an impressive preseason block on John Wall that had the whole state of Kentucky pretty much on lockdown. That must have been a fun weekend of basketball and madness.

Here is hoping I never have to look at that mascot again, let’s all just move on.

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