Evan Turner Boosting His Trade Value For Philadelphia 76ers

By Ryan Wenzell
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Turner is thriving in Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown‘s run-and-gun, up-and-down the floor system. He is averaging 24.5 points per game, leading the team in scoring, and is playing as free as he ever has before.

Turner seemed limited under former Sixers head coach Doug Collins, who had a leash on Turner and let the young fella hear about it every time he made a mistake. This is the wrong approach for players who are green to the league. Brown understands Turner’s psyche is a bit fragile and coaches accordingly, encouraging him whether he makes a mistake or gets a bucket.

Turner is playing at an extremely high level right now. The question remains where does his future lie? The Sixers had an opportunity to extend him by the end of October but chose not too. According to Turner, general manager Sam Hinkie and company didn’t even have any discussions with him.

This is not a great sign. If you remember, Turner is a holdover player from the previous regime, one Hinkie inherited. He also is not a prototypical Hinkie type of player. He doesn’t have any one great trait, instead he is solid in all areas. Not the best three-point shooter, not the best athlete, etc.

It will be interesting to see where Turner lands if he is dealt. He is certainly upping his trade value for the Sixers organization. Despite their 2-0 record the Sixers, in my opinion, are still loading up for the future and specifically this loaded 2014 draft class. That they won two games is nice, but the organization will not stray away from their plan to build this team from the ground up.

Will that include Turner? Only time will tell.

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