Is There Something Wrong With Chris Copeland?

By Dylan Hughes
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Copeland was expected to be a dangerous shooting threat off the Indiana Pacers‘ bench this season, but he has yet to step on the hardwood after two regular season games. Copeland did have a procedure done on his knee over the offseason, so is it delaying his return to the game?

Early on in August, the forward had arthroscopic surgery done on his left knee. Copeland’s rehab went so well that he actually returned earlier than his set 6-8 week recovery time. Copeland participated in training camp and played in the preseason, but hasn’t played in the regular season, so far. Copeland was noticeably struggling in the preseason, as it seemed difficult for the shooter to knock down his shots. Putting all of this together, we have to assume Copeland’s knee issues are flaring up, and that is the reason he isn’t playing.

When you sign such a lethal scorer like Copeland, you don’t just leave him on the bench without any playing time whatsoever. There has to be a reason he isn’t playing, and knee problems returning would answer the questions. It just doesn’t make sense for Indiana to not play him, so assuming an injury just seems right at this moment in time.

It has only been two games and maybe head coach Frank Vogel is just testing out some different lineups, so maybe we’ll see Copeland hit the floor in the near future; if there is a problem, I’m sure it will be made known publicly soon. After all, it’s hard to hide things from us pesky media members.

Copeland is a great guy to have on your bench if you need scoring, and although things are going good to kick off the season, they could be going great with Copeland on the floor. Fans better hope he’s out there with some big games coming up on the schedule.

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