John Wall Developing Back Spasms Is Horrible Sign for the Washington Wizards

By Dave Daniels
John Wall
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I will try to talk you off the cliff Washington.

No you don’t need to worry. Nene’s injury was just an accident that probably won’t happen again.

John Wall’s back spasms are no concern right? It is not like he has a history of injury or anything like that.

Sorry can’t do it anymore, I might just jump myself.

Thanks to the tweet below for the truly terrible news.

There was a lot of talk about playoffs this season coming from every one in DC from Wall and Nene to Ernie Grunfeld as well who has done about as shitty a job at GM-ing a team that you can reasonably expect. Let us all hope he is the one dropped after this all folds like a house of cards.

One day hopefully my buddy Lucas Brown will be running the show in DC, but until then we all just have to hold our breath and pray to the aliens that Wall’s injury is not something that will keep him from a productive year. The addition of Marcin Gortat likely makes this a fringe playoff team, but I’d love to see them win one freaking game before I can go farther than that folks. Sometimes it is tough to write about the team you love; they are too close to home.

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