Los Angeles Clipper Bounce Back From Loss, Prove Greatness is a Process

By christopherbrown
Jayne Kamin-Oncea USA TODAY Sports

There’s a reason the Golden State Warriors’Stephen Curry is seen by many as the next Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers. After Thursday night’s 44-point and 15-assist performance, the Clipper’s $100 million man proved that there’s only one CP3, as he and the rest of the red and blue hosted the Warriors in first Game 2 must-win in the regular season in NBA history.

The 2012-13 Pacific Division champs opened their season as the anointed to dismantle the 16-time champion Los Angeles Lakers and make a legitimate run at a title of their own. Yet the Lakers, a shell of their former selves, proved they had enough swagger left to send the under-matched Clippers back to their locker room win-less.

The Warriors open their season with an impressive 31-point victory over the Lakers. The Warriors are also cast of the young and anointed, who like the Clippers made a few upgrades to their already attractive roster in the off-season. Their victory sent a chill throughout Los Angeles, hinting that lofty expectation may be a bit premature.

Paul made a guessing game of what would be this season’s Clipper team. From the tip-off of their contest against the Warriors, the consummate floor general was brilliant. The pass first point guard attacked the Warrior defense from deep, mid-range, and in the post. Curry did a valiant job trying to match Paul with 38 points and 9 assist of his own, but his 11 turnovers and and supporting cast with an apparent night off, proved to much for the young Warrior to overcome.

Title contention is proving to be a process the Clippers must not take for granted. They have to defend, and Paul has to lead by assaulting defenses with his uncanny ability to score from anywhere, along with his ability to see the floor and put his teammates in a position to score.

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