Brooklyn Nets' Improved Defense Is Responsible For Victory

By Aydin Reyhan
Brooklyn Nets
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets have completely upped their game from last season with new signings who have all added a defensive presence, which has even surprised the likes of the reigning champions, the Miami Heat.

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are a duo that won one NBA title together for the Boston Celtics and lost in another Finals appearance. These two know what it takes to play a game as competitively as possible on both ends of the floor, and they proved so last night, as their defensive and offensive presences were heavily felt by Lebron James and company.

The Nets were not terrible last season, as they lost in seven games to the Chicago Bulls in the opening round of the playoffs, but their defense is what let them down in the end. With the likes of Deron Williams and Joe Johnson leading the offensive press, others including Brook Lopez were expected to be the best defenders, but they were never going to be enough against a Bulls side who were without their offensive leader, but had almost everyone intact for defense.

Now, the Nets look to be even more so improved when it comes to scoring, as there are more trusted hands available to take the big shots needed to win games. It was Williams and Johnson at first, but now that Pierce has joined their ranks, he will most likely take over that role of getting the ball in the final seconds to either tie or win the game.

This Nets team did lose their opener at the Cleveland Cavaliers, but that was their first competitive game together on the floor. Well, they chose the perfect occasion to bounce back from that by defeating the defending champions in their home opener.

This season is expected to be a very successful one for the Nets, as they are a group led by new veterans that do not let much intimidate them. This is something that has been needed by this franchise for the longest of times. To top it all off, their head coach is Jason Kidd, who was truly a legendary player here many years ago.

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