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5 Reasons the Houston Rockets Will Win the 2013-14 NBA Title

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5 Reasons The Houston Rockets Will Win NBA Title

Houston Rockets
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As the 2013-14 NBA begins to get into full swing, the Houston Rockets are off to a beautiful 3-0 start and look to have put together the pieces to be a top contender in the Western Conference for years to come. The drama that is Dwight Howard looks to be at its end and James "Beard" Harden is staking his claim as a NBA SuperStar. Surrounding these two SuperStars is a young group of up and comers in Chandler Parsons, Patrick Beverley and Omer Asik along with a fairly deep bench to back them up. Rockets GM Daryl Morey has certainly turned his team into a near guaranteed Playoff contender for years and years to come.

As a resident of the great City of Houston, Texas, I can assure you there is a buzz in the air from the excitement of fans. The days of Championship Hopes and Dreams have returned. No longer are the banners hung in Toyota Center by the likes of Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler just distant memories of days long by when the Rockets used to be good. The Rockets are back.

The Southwest Division of the Western Conference holds fellow Texas teams the San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks, which are both quite talented teams yet surely getting older and beginning to decline. As the grueling stretch of the NBA season wears on, the young legs of the Rockets will push this team towards the top of Western Conference and into a favorable playoff spot. From there the NBA Finals are only a few short series away.

It's about time the Houston Rockets made it bad into the spotlight and back into the conversation as a powerhouse in the NBA.

Here are the five reasons the Houston Rockets will Win the 2013-14 NBA Finals.

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5. Patrick Beverley Demonstrates his Playmaking Abilities

Patrick Beverley
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Although Patrick Beverley is a new face in the NBA, he's a veteran to the sport of basketball. Beverley played two years at the collegiate level at the University of Arkansas before spending the last five years playing professional Basketball in Europe. Since then, he's joined the Houston Rockets and quickly surpassed Jeremy Lin as the starting point guard. Beverley has the ability to be an effective passer and rebounder yet his scoring touch is what will keep defenders honest allowing Dwight Howard and James Harden to avoid the double and triple teams. He will be a critical cog in the Rockets' Championship run.

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4. Chandler Parsons' Corner Three

Chandler Parsons
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Chandler Parsons shoots an absolutely beautiful corner three and is going to do so all year long. With a player of Parsons length (he's 6-foot-9) he has the ability to cover at multiple positions in the front court allowing the Houston Rockets to run a bigger or smaller lineup as they see fit. He will then extend out beyond the three and stretch the defense out allowing Dwight Howard extra room to work inside. A player with such versatile talents is exactly the kind of role player any championship team needs to round out their roster

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3. Omer Asik's Defense

Omer Asik
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Omer Asik initially requested a trade when Dwight Howard showed up to join the Houston Rockets but has stayed in the starting lineup with Dwight Howard moving over to the Power Forward position and seems to be gelling well with the SuperStar big man. Both Howard and Asik offer a strong defensive presence inside and are very talented rebounders which will allow plenty of offensive put backs. The Rockets faith in Asik will also give Howard plenty of time to rest which will help keep D12 healthy.

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2. Dwight Howard is Finally Happy

Dwight Howard
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It's not a secret that Dwight Howard is among the most talented Centers in the NBA and is is also not a secret that his mental well being weighs heavily on his ability to play up to his full ability. If Dwight isn't happy then he is not going to give it 100 percent. Well, Superman is finally happy. The Houston Rockets rolled out the red carpet for Dwight Howard this offseason and he has developed a quick chemistry with fellow SuperStar James Harden. This duo is going to win plenty of games by themselves.

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1. James Harden is a SuperStar

James Harden
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When James Harden left the Oklahoma City Thunder, it was questioned if he had the ability to step up and lead a team instead of playing the sixth man role. Harden quickly silenced those doubters. He's a threat for 30-plus points and a near triple-double on any given night and has the ability to completely take over a game. With Dwight Howard coming to town the pressure is slightly relieved and he won't have to deal with a triple team on a nightly basis. Harden is going to have a huge 2013 leading the very talented Rockets deep into the postseason.