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The Miami Heat Are Looking To Break Old Habits

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5 Things That Could Help The Heat's Slow Starts

Miami Heat
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Three games into the NBA season and the Miami Heat are already in mid winning-streak form.

Yes, you read right. The 1-2 team from Biscayne Bay is putting on a similar display to the crew that ran off 27 straight. The only difference is they aren’t going the extra mile to finish things off for the win.

It all started this year when the Chicago Bulls had the Heat trailing early at 9-2. Then, things carried over to a 20-point deficit against the Philadelphia 76ers and a sluggish 11-2 start against the Brooklyn Nets. And everyone understands why.

"Unmotivated basketball at the start," is how LeBron James explains the lackluster play after the tip. "We're catching the game instead of making it happen." (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

Uninspired first halves are nothing new for a Heat team that constantly had to turn last season’s second half scrambles into late game thrillers. But people overlooked that part of their shortcomings because the outcome was usually Sportscenter highlight worthy.

"We've dealt with this before," guard Dwyane Wade said via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "This storyline continues. At the end of the day, we want to play better. We would love to play better, obviously, at the start."

Coming out with a sense of urgency would be a smart move, seeing as how the outcome of this season’s comebacks have ended close enough to have Miami resting on their first losing record since the Big Three loss their 2010 season opener against the Boston Celtics. So, I guess it’s only right that they dropped below .500 to Brooklyn’s version of the Beantown castaways.

However, if the Heat wants to work their way back to the top of the hill, here’s five simple ways for them to get there.

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Getting Their First Wind

LeBron James
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LeBron James has looked very winded after putting off his usual hell week workouts to enjoy the Miami Heat's summer of weddings.

“Obviously, I'm not there right now,” James said via ESPN, right before the season. “I can't do a 40-minute game right now -- or 38 [minutes] of all, full-out, blow-it-out [work], because I'm not there conditioning-wise. But definitely, I'm close. Even during the off-days, I'm still in here getting work in, continuing to push the heart rate, getting my legs ready.”

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Quit Coughing The Ball Up

Miami Heat
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In three games, the Heat have had a combined 52 turnovers. Enough said.

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New Blood

Michael Beasley
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With Dwyane Wade sitting out a game and the Miami Heat offense looking stale, it would seem like the perfect time to insert the instant offense of Michael Beasley, especially after he scored almost a point a minute during preseason.

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Stick To The Script

shane battier
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"I think it's just a matter of just sticking to our system," Shane Battier said. "We, for whatever reason, have gotten away from what we do at the start of games. We don't really need to reinvent ourselves. We just need to do what we're supposed to do and how we're supposed to do it." (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

And what they’re supposed to do is move the ball, because the offense has been stagnant ever since the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bulls.

You can see the ball sticking and things turning into a 2010 one-on-one game.

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Get To The Hoop

Dwyane Wade
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"It's something we've got to figure out," Mario Chalmers said via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "Too many jumpers in the beginning, instead of attacking the basket and getting a better feel for the game. It's something we've got to adjust to."