Golden State Warriors: Klay Thompson’s Next Step is Consistency

By Cody Williams
Klay Thompson Dubs
Kelley L. Cox – USA Today Sports Images

On Oct. 30 when the Golden State Warriors opened up their 2013-14 NBA season, people were expecting big things from their backcourt, especially from dynamic and sweet-shooting point guard Stephen Curry and new addition Andre Iguodala. However, it was their other backcourt-mate, Klay Thompson, who ended up stealing the shot.

In the 125-94 rout of the Los Angeles Lakers, Thompson was absolutely unconscious from all over the floor. In just 31 minutes of playing time, Thompson finished the night with 38 points on 15-19 shooting from the floor and dead-eye 5-7 shooting from long-range. He also added three rebounds and one assist on the night.

The following night against the Los Angeles Clippers, though, Thompson was much quieter as Curry had a big game. Thompson finished that game with just 10 points in 38 minutes. On Saturday, Thompson rebounded with 27 points in 40 minutes. He’s been productive early on and his opening night was certainly mesmerizing, but he’s not been the most consistent player through the first three games.

In actuality, consistency is the next step for Thompson with the Warriors. We all know that he can shoot the daylights out of the basketball and is a part of a backcourt that can wear opponents down in so many ways. Even with that, though, Thompson has been a player over his short career that performs like he has through the first three games over entire seasons. He’ll have big games two out of every four nights, but those other two games will be incredibly quiet.

Obviously having weapons like Curry and Iguodala in the backcourt with him means that he doesn’t need to be consistently scoring 40 points, but it would be nice to see Thompson take that next step to be a reliable 17 points per game night-in and night-out with a few monster games sprinkled in. You have to believe in the young guy’s talent, but if he wants to be mentioned in the same realm as his teammate in Curry, consistency is going to be key in his development.

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